Chicken Fighting

Ever seen dancing chickens? What about fighting chickens?

Getting bored of online casinos and  looking for something new to try your hands on? Ever played cockfighting with your friends as a kid? Well, the game is not dead. And incase you’d like to revisit, the Internet makes it easier for you.

Growing parallel to the online casino gambling is the online cockfighting gambling. And the game seems to show no sign of dying although termed illegal in a lot of countries. And to make things easier, you can easily get an access through sources and sites like s128 that provides a secure and hassle free space for you to gamble, play and earn, all at the same time.

Wondering how the game works? Well, as the name suggests, cockfighting is a blood sport where trained roosters are being put into the cockpit, now that’s like the battlefield, where they are made to have a duel and the owner of bettor for the winner rooster goes home with the money. If you’re already a familiar gambler, then you will surely know your way around how the game works. And the whole betting system. But if you’re new to the game, it will be wise to gather information about the game and its mechanisms. Try getting familiarise with the game first, and how the online gaming and gambling process works. Then start off with smaller budgets that will not hamper your finances, if incase you lose. And once you get the gist of how the game works, you can go for higher betting rates!

How do I earn through this online cockfighting game? Several online gaming sites like provide promotional benefits to new players. As you cast your betting deposit for your cock fighter, you can earn an extra 10 to 20% from the first amount deposited. And if your fighter cock wins, then all the money’s yours. And those extra too! Who doesn’t like an extra cheese anyway? And why not some extra cash? You might have to be cautious will choosing a gaming site. You surely don’twant to get scammed. You can look out for sites that provides good and safe security system. Looking into the year and how long they’ve been running the gaming business will do you harm either. Partly, you’re playing the game for the financial benefit it will bring you, so you won’t want to make a deposit into the hands of some fraudsters.

If you’re a person who loves the thrill and rush of blood sports and can withstand seeing bloody roosters fighting one another, the fighting chickens and roosters might very well be your new found pass time and hobby. You never know!  So wait no more, visit and see what it holds for you. You may also try and look for various sites that suits your style of gambling best. And just sit back and watch the match.