Chicken fighting

Intersting Facts About Cockfighting Online


The online world is one that caters to every kind of interests, be it sports, education or entertainment. There are some sports that have always been played in the real world. However, since the Internet invaded our world, those sports moved base to the online world and offered a similar entertainment to its fans, like it used to offline. Visit agen s128 to encounter a very interesting game.

Take for example cockfighting. Cockfighting or fighting chicken is a sport that is almost 6000 years old. It was played first in Persia from where it spread to other countries where it found its admirers. And, today, it is one of the most favored games in certain countries in the Southeast Asia.

Cockfighting takes place between two roosters, or cocks, that have been specially raised for fighting. These birds get fitted with metallic spurs over their original spurs and are set into a cockpit, or the ring where the fight takes place. Being between birds specially bred for fighting, this fight can get very violent for the birds that can lead to a lot of physical harm to them.

It has also been banned in some of the countries, but in certain others, it is a favored sport. One that also has gambling revolving around it. Gamblers place bets on the cocks of their choice and make a lot of money.

Online Cockfighting

Ever since the Internet entered our lives, this sport, along with some others, has   found an online version, too. So, there are quite a few websites that have developed    software with interesting chicken games online. And, the fans of this sport indulge in it from the comforts of their homes.

Also, there are ways to earn money through this sport in the form of online gambling, where fans place bets on a cock and win money when their favorite cock wins a fight. Thus, chicken gambling online or cockfighting online gambling is a common mode of entertainment for the people fond of this sport.


Cockfighting online gambling brings a lot of money to the gamblers. Those who are experienced in the sport, manage to make quite a good amount with their bets. And, they get to enjoy the sport and the gambling from their homes. There are also attractive promos that provide additional benefits to players of online chicken gambling. And, at times, they also get an additional bonus of 10-20% of the value of the money deposited. All they need is a computer, or an access to a computer and an Internet connection and they are good to go. Gambling over cockfighting hadn’t been so easy!